Products & Services

Products & Services

OddsCraft offers quality revenue boosting logic to your sportsbook - easily adaptable to specific requirements. Our main expertises are Sports Modelling, Product Pricing and Customer Analysis.

Areas of Expertise

Efficient live trading models built in JAVA for most sports - easily adaptable to specific customer needs.

Football (Soccer), Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball and more


Our odds pricing tools are of highest quality and flexibility. No matter if you want to create sports market prices, cashouts or betting insurances, we can promise to deliver best possible and most reliable odds creation.

New Generation Early Cashouts, Multibet Insurances, Combo Odds & System Bets.
Automated Liability Driven Odds Changes, Customer-Created Markets, Singles & Multibet Limits, Odds Creation & Asian Handicaps


OddsCraft has an extensive experience within sportsbook CRM. We are specialised in detecting profitable and non-profitable customers accurately after just a few bets. On top of that we also provide services for estimating customers lifetime value and churn risk.

Winning Customers, Losing Customers, Customer Retention, Customer Value & Late Bettors